Smart Voice Solutions: Unlock business impact with every interaction

Experience the ultimate AI-powered IVR business phone system that connects teams, boosts ROI, supports customers, and transforms experiences while reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiencies.

Smart Ai Voice

Seamlessly Connect Teams, Eliminate Busywork, and Ensure Customer Success

Intelligent Support Center

Optimize Guidance, Ensure Best Practices, and Gauge Customer Experience

Digital Sales Command

Expedite Deal Closure, Provide Instant Answers, and Deliver Immediate Solutions

Be channel-agnostic.

No matter where it started, DRX CRM keeps it organized.

Chat with context.

See the history of every conversation and interaction.

Get started in seconds.

Connect your channels and start messaging right away.

Instantly enhance your communication, providing powerful impact

Streamline customer interactions, ensuring every call is directed to the right person or department efficiently. Experience improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency with our intelligent, automated voice response system.

Power your business growth with DRXCRM Smart Voice Solutions

Our cutting-edge proprietary solution provides real-time access to essential customer interactions, ensuring instant access to powerful business transformation.

Built for all businesses

DRXCRM Smart Voice Solutions provides a strategic interactive voice response for every role and industry. It is designed to understand any customer unique request and industry terms.

IVR's can reduce customer service costs by up to 70%


Accuracy is criticality

Your customers expect the best, and DRXCRM Smart Voice Solutions will help you deliver. No requirement to set up your call command center. Start talking with your headset, mobile, office phone, computer and internet connection.

Your business wins when you

interact with customers


Cost Efficiency

Reduce customer service costs significantly lowering the expenses associated with live agent interactions.


First Call Resolution

High first call resolution, providing most customer inquiries are resolved on the first call, enhancing customer satisfaction.


Customer Preference

Address self-service issues and conveniently, demonstrating the growing demand for efficient and automated customer support


Higher Conversion

Reviews requested via text message vs reviews requested via email.


of messages are read

Texts have a 99% open rate. 95% of those texts are read within 5 minutes.


faster than calling

Text messaging is the new standard for quick and easy communication.

Easily Integrates With Leading Apps

Awesome Words

from clients

DRX CRM unified inbox helps clients get to leads quicker so they don't lose business

Shannon Hanrahan


"Clients used to message me on several platforms and it wasn't uncommon for me to go weeks before seeing their messages. Now I see them instantly, in the same message thread, so I'm able to serve my clients quicker, and better."

Robert Wills

AZ Plumber

"DRX CRM helps me never miss another chat conversation with potential leads. It used to be a hassle finding customer's messages, now it's easy and they're all in one place."

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